Long Term Impact

How we make a difference

How We Bend the Arc

Tims Camps programs are designed to shift the course of young peoples’ lives. That’s not captured in a week away or even a summer. It’s measured in knock on effects years, and sometimes decades later, in post-secondary school graduations, in healthy and supportive relationships, in stable jobs.

In 2016, an alumni survey* was completed to capture the long-term impact of our Summer Program and see where our graduates are now. Our first cohort of participants graduated the program in 2002. 

All Respondents*

  • 84% have started pursuing or completed post-secondary education (177/211)
  • 44% have completed their post-secondary education (93/211)
  • Only 46% of alumni have parents and grandparents with high-school education or less (97/211)

*Data self-reported from 211 summer program graduates
26% response rate from email recipients (825 recipients)
16% of total graduates represented (1300 total graduates 2002-2016)
29% of respondents are age 19 or younger; 68% are 20-29; 3% are 30-34

“I wanted to graduate. It’s been 42 years since someone last graduated in my family and I wanted to break the cycle. I was struggling with keeping time organized and keeping my work ethic up so I could finish school with good grades and get into a good school. Over time my grades got better from learning the structure at camp and I ended up graduating as one of the top performing students with a 3.8 GPA.”

-Isaac, Summer Program Graduate, 2019


“If it wasn't for this program I don’t think I would have ever considered secondary education. In a family like mine, university and college was just not an option for us. This has given me the chance to help not only my life but to help my family's lives as well. Today I am striving Accountant that is slowly but surely working my way up in life. Thank you YLP - not just for the schooling for but the chance to have attended the camp. Thank you for allowing me to see why people can enjoy life.”

-Jeniffer, Summer Program Graduate, 2005


“Because of my experience with the program, I turned my entire life around. I came from a background of poverty and addiction. Because a counsellor told me I was worth more than the life I had been given, I went to college, graduated top of my class as a mental health and addiction worker and I won student of the year.”

Justine – 2011 Graduate

Measuring Change As it Happens

In March of 2021, we sent out a survey to all campers who graduated the summer program in 2019, in an effort to measure the medium-term impact of our program. 161 responses were received (20%).

% of youth* who reported an increase in these key outcomes:

Social & Emotional Skills

  • 97% perseverance and self-motivation (156/161)
  • 96% stress management (154/161)

Learning & Innovation Skills

  • 84% cognitive skills (135/161)
  • 96% goal setting (154/161)

Supportive Relationships

  • 93% peer connections (150/161)
  • 90% adult connections (145/161)
  • 79% community connections (127/161)

Postsecondary Access & Independent Living Capability

  • 97% financial literacy knowledge (156/161)
  • 84% financial literacy skills (135/161)

*Data self-reported from 161 Summer Program Graduates, Survey Completed March 2021