Give at a local Tim Hortons

Here’s how you can help!

Join us in our mission to help youth from underserved communities achieve their full potential.

Round up screen in Tim Hortons app

Round Up in-app

To round up your order to the nearest 10 cents, open your Tims app, tap on ‘community’, and turn on the toggle.

Round Up in-restaurant

You can also ask a Tim Hortons team member to round up your order to the nearest dollar. No matter how you choose to round up, a little goes a long way!
Coin box with Tap To Give device

Coin Box

For more than 30 years, Tims Hortons guests have generously donated their spare coins. Your small change adds up to a big impact!

Donating to Tims Camps opens doors for youth in your community.

Thank you for your support!