Our Impact

How we make a difference

At Tims Camps, our goal is to make a positive impact on youth development, and support our campers in achieving important life skills. Whether it’s changes or shifts in campers’ abilities to build positive relationships, an increase in self-awareness, or the ability to develop positive identities, attitudes and behaviours, we intentionally design our youth development program around these six critical outcomes:

Social & Emotional Skills

  • Positive Identity – self-awareness, self-confidence, self-efficacy, growth mindset, and emotional identification.
  • Positive Behaviours – stress-management, self-motivation, and perseverance.
  • Positive Connections – healthy and rewarding relationships with peers, adults and community groups.

Learning & Innovation Skills

  • Organizational Skills – time management, planning, resourcefulness, task persistence, goal-setting, and financial management.
  • Interpersonal Skills – communication and collaboration skills, problem-solving and conflict-resolution, teamwork, leadership, and cultural sensitivity.
  • Cognitive Skills – creativity, innovation, analytical skills, and intellectual curiosity.

How we measure successful outcomes

Our Tims Camps OUTCOMES FRAMEWORK is focused on developing critical life skills – like resilience, persistence and responsibility – that help youth from low-income homes thrive and transition successfully to adulthood. Using rigorous research practices through camper and teacher impact surveys, we measure our campers’ progress on key youth development outcomes, and then use these results to learn and make adjustments to our program ensuring we’re meeting the needs of the campers we serve.

Social & Emotional Skill Development

% of campers* who reported an increase in these key outcomes:

83% in positive identity

80% in positive behaviour

60% in positive connections

Learning & Innovation Skill Development

% of campers* who reported an increase in these key outcomes:

85% in interpersonal skills

80% in cognitive skills

58% in organizational skills

Positive Contributions (School Program Only)

% of educators** who reported an increase in these key outcomes:

83% in student volunteerism

69% in positive classroom behaviour

39% in students' motivation to learn

*Data self-reported from 554 Level 5 Campers, 2019 Summer Program
**Data self-reported from 70 Educators leading school student participation, 2018-19 School Program