Transformative programs and life-changing skills that unleash the potential of youth.

Bringing the power of camp to a new generation.

We’ve joined forces with Noah “40” Shebib and Justice Fund to break down barriers for underserved youth.

We know the power young people have. We know they can carve a path to the future they want and create positive change in their community.

They just need the opportunity to do it.

That’s what camp is for. With outdoor education, development programming, and mentorship, we provide that opportunity, helping young people take control of their life, give back to their neighbourhood and realize their potential.

A better future starts with
 opportunities for youth.

We’re equipping young people with the skills they need to reach their potential. That is our north star.

Young people are problem solvers—all they need is opportunity. And at Tims Camps, we help them develop the resilience, strength, and social and emotional skills they need to achieve throughout their lives. A leading non-profit, our multi-year leadership programming expands the horizon of what is possible for youth aged 12 to 16.

Meet Aimen

A passion born at Tims Camps

Aimen is writing her own story—and it started at camp. Asked to journal as a shy camper, she soon discovered a passion for writing. With her first book about to hit the stands, read her story to find out how Tims Camps helped her break out of her shell and find her voice.

Aimen smiling at camera

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Your support helps ensure thousands of young people have the opportunity to discover their true potential through a life-changing, Tims Camps experience. We can’t think of a better gift than that!