What We Do

We believe in you(th)

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps operate seven different camps across Canada and the United States.

In Canada, six camps span across five provinces, with two in Ontario and one each in Nova Scotia, Quebec, Manitoba and Alberta. Kentucky is home to our US camp.

Tims Camps Programs

Through year-round Summer and School Programs, Tim Hortons Foundation Camps invests in youth from Tim Hortons communities across North America.

Program Outcomes

Tims Camps provide opportunities for youth to build upon the strengths existing within them, and develop into empowered and engaged individuals with a strong community connection. Learn more about the skills youth are developing while at camp, and how we are measuring their progress.

Our Reach

Whether youth join as a individual in the Summer Program or as a group in the School- Year program, thousands of camp experiences were made possible thanks to the support of our partners.

Our Camps

Learn more about our seven camp locations, and the unique features they offer campers.