What We Do

Supporting youth every way we can

Tim Hortons Foundation Camps unlocks the potential of young people.

People know us for our camps. We understand that. They’re spectacular—nestled in mountains, hugging rivers, sprawling across wetlands, dotted by woodlands, and on picturesque lakes—and we believe in the power of outdoor, experiential learning to change the course of young peoples’ lives.

But we’re so much more than just a camp.

We challenge young people. We help them see their best self. And we work with them as they carve a path towards the future they want.

We do that in schools, in communities, online, and at 7 camps across North America. We meet youth where they are offering a multi-year leadership development program tailor made to the challenges they face.

Since 1974, we have worked with more than 300,000 young people, using camp experiences to develop social and emotional skills and learning and innovation skills. Our participants may remember the canoe trips and campfires best—but we’re focused on the horizon, on ensuring youth have the skills and opportunities needed to thrive, pursue their education, find meaningful jobs, enrich their communities, and lead fulfilling lives.

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