Who We Serve

Our beneficiaries

We work with adolescents age 12 to 16 who meet our economic qualifications. These are some of the most formative years of their lives and our programs are tailor made for the guide their development and make a lasting impact.

Our participants are in the midst of discovering who they are. They’re facing pressures from friends, challenges from school, and changes from growing up. They’re also forming patterns that will guide how they think, feel about themselves, and relate to others. They are deciding who they are—and the young adults they want to be.

That’s why we work with this age group. Interventions at this stage, geared towards social and emotional development and resiliency, can change patterns in behavior and set young people up for health and wellbeing in adulthood.

Backed by Research

Just as evidence points to income as one of the most important factors informing the course of a young person’s life, research also suggests we can increase their chances of health and happiness by supporting them with healthy relationships, equipping them with emotional skills, and opening them to challenging experiences. These “protective mechanisms” are exactly what Tims Camps are designed to create: sustained healthy relationships with fellow participants; a sense of belonging in an inclusive community; and year-round support through educators, mental health partners, and community organizations.

Summer Program Demographics

Gender Identity Graph

The above graph represents the reported gender identity for our most recent in-person summer program, 2019
Male: 3507, Female: 3529, Gender Diverse: 94 (Any campers who identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender fluid)

Supporting Our Campers

Working with adolescents means affirming, supporting, and celebrating their journey of self-discovery. We embrace our campers and families of all identities and, starting in 2019, instituted mixed gender cabin groups for those interested at Tim Horton Camp Whiteshell in Manitoba, Tim Horton Onondaga Farms in Ontario, and Tim Horton Children’s Ranch in Alberta, to ensure campers have a safe and welcoming environment. The response from participants and parents have been heartening.

“My son returned from Camp Whiteshell yesterday. This was his third experience [at Tims Camps] but his first time with the mixed gender cabin. He absolutely loved the mixed cabin. He said having both genders in there really gave personality to the group, it wasn't just a bunch of boys who felt the need to be competitive. Thank you Tim Hortons [Foundation] Camps for giving my son such a great experience this year and for coming up with a mixed gender cabin [option]!”

Age of Summer Campers 2019

Age # of Campers
12 1796
13 1696
14 1709
15 986
16 849

Regional Breakdown Summer 2019

Province/Territory # of Campers
Alberta 668
British Columbia 555
Manitoba 176
New Brunswick 162
Newfoundland & Labrador 95
Northwest Territories 5
Nova Scotia 262
Nunavut 12
Ontario 3019
PEI 30
Quebec 931
Saskatchewan 135
Yukon 3
US State # of Campers
Colorado 1
Florida 2
Georgia 1
Illinois 1
Indiana 8
Kentucky 8
Maryland 5
Maine 25
Michigan 335
Minnesota 6
Missouri 3
North Carolina 2
North Dakota 2
Nevada 1
New Jersey 5
New York 338
Ohio 180
Pennsylvania 27
Tennessee 1
Texas 6
Utah 1
Virginia 1
Washington 1