Programs & Impact

Supporting youth to thrive

We’re known for our camps, and for good reason. But our impact isn’t tied to the mountains of Kananaskis, Alberta or the shores of Quyon, Quebec. We make a difference in the lives of young people through our intentional programming, focused on developing critical skills, abilities, and perspectives in youth right when they need them most. Wherever we work—and whatever the world looks like—we show up for youth in our communities.

Backed by Research

Just as evidence points to income as one of the most important factors informing the course of a young person’s life, research also suggests we can increase their chances of health and happiness by supporting them with healthy relationships, equipping them with emotional skills, and introducing them to challenging experiences. These “protective mechanisms” are exactly what Tims Camps are designed to create: sustained healthy relationships with fellow participants; a sense of belonging in an inclusive community; and year-round support through educators, mental health partners, and community organizations.

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