Peace Akintade Tims Camps Graduate “When I came to camp, I realized it wasn’t just me that felt out of place. We all feel out of place. We can all find our identity and find our worth together. So that’s how I found myself.
It really changed me as a person."
Change a Life Peace's Story
Philippe Bell Tims Camps Graduate “Camp is a life-changing experience.
It will change you for the better.”
Change a Life Philippe's Story
Megan MacNeil Tims Camps Graduate “I feel so lucky now to be a counsellor and to be in the same position as people who impacted me so much.” Change a Life Megan's Story Hrithik Sharma Tims Camps Graduate “Camp definitely shaped who I am today.” Change a Life Hrithik's Story Gabriel Jorgensen Tims Camps Graduate “Knowing you had people around you supporting your growth was an incredible feeling. It had a huge, huge impact on forming the person I am today." Change a Life Gabriel's Story
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